Camping bathroom solutions (A complete guide on how to poop in woods)

It’s a great idea to get out in nature and relax. But when you need an escape, you must sacrifice some of your home comforts. Having a tent or some shelter for your trip is one thing, but camping bathroom solutions are something we don’t discuss. You may not pay attention to it until nature calls and you are left with no option.

Although none of the toilet solutions are as comfortable as home, this is no reason to stay at home. Rather, find a relatively clean and comfortable way to poop.

Recently I went camping with my family more frequently and experienced different methods which I decided to compile into a comprehensive list. Here are some methods you can use as camping toilet options

Camping Bathroom Solutions ( The best options you must know)

Utilize the Available Options

Bathroom inside your camper trailer

All your problems can be solved if your camper trailer has a portable toilet. As long as you follow the guidelines of your vehicle and use the instructions, you are all set to have a toilet solution for you and your camping partners.

It’s an all-rounder that combines the comfort and privacy you expect at home.

Use Campground Restrooms

You may have access to full-fledged bathrooms depending on the campsite you’re staying at. However, it depends on the campsite whether it provides that facility. So, check online what facilities they offer and plan accordingly. A campsite that provides toilets and showers would be a better choice for you.

Stop at a Gas Station

If you have to drive most throughout your camping journey then the best option is fuel station bathrooms. Since most of these gas stations have toilets, you should take advantage of the opportunity to do your business.

How to go to the bathroom in the woods

If you are camping at a place where you do not find these options. Then do follow the following tricks.

1. How to Pee

In its simplest form, it does not require camping toilets. A bottle trick (more conducive to men, but possible for women as well) is a good way. Women and men can both pee wherever they want with a few restrictions.

  • Relieving yourself in a secluded area that is not a walking path for campers is always advisable. As you also don’t like being walked on or over!
  • Peeing on plants, especially animals, should be avoided.
  • Water sources should be at least 200 feet away from where you pee.
  • Mountain goats inhabit high elevation areas. So be careful while relieving yourself. These goats are salt deficient and attracted to human urine due to their salt content.

2. Dig your own toilet (cathole)

Digging a hole and burying waste is the most common way to poop outdoors while camping. You can use it to reduce the transmission of bacteria, combat odors, and repel animals from your campsite. What you do is:

  • Make a 6-inch deep hole in soft loamy soil in a sunny place (both will increase decomposition) with a shovel, or any stick.
  • Your campsite should be 200 feet from the site you select; if you are traveling in a group, each hole should be spaced apart.
  • The second best option, if the ground where you are located is too rocky to dig a hole, is to move a rock, perform your business and then replace the rock. 
  • To prevent splashback, try to use this method in an area with soft or sandy soil or pine needles, and be sure always to place the toilet paper in the cathole or simply pack it out.

3. Use camping poop bags

It is most appropriate to use bags when camping in sensitive, high-elevation sites or established camping areas. These bags are leak-proof and practical, they are also biodegradable.

Plastic bags serve as gloves, followed by a big sealable Ziplock which is puncture-resistant and minimizes spillage. Besides toilet paper, moist towelettes (used for hand sanitization) can also be thrown in it.

With wag bags, waste can be turned into solid (similar to cat litter) within a short period of time. After usage, it should be thrown as far away from the campsite as possible or better is to leave and take them while coming back from camping.  

4. How do you make a homemade camping toilet? (DIY Toilet)

You Need Two Buckets

One bucket for both number one and number two is the wrong way. 

Due to the mess, splashes, and difficulty of disposal, it won’t be a good idea to use it. It is acceptable if you are doing it just for an emergency. Therefore, you should use two separate buckets to do your business.

Making Your Bucket Toilet

You can make a DIY bucket toilet by following these steps:

  • You will need two 5-gallon buckets
  • Use a strong plastic bag to line each bucket.
  • Put a bucket toilet seat over each bucket. 
  • You also need cat litter. It is highly absorbent clay and does not fear bacteria growth due to its inorganic properties.

5. Invest in a Portable Toilet or Shower

Portable toilets are the most convenient way of going to the bathroom. Besides offering all the comforts of home, they come in a wide range of choices. From simple 5-gallon buckets to self-contained toilets with flushes. You can find the most suitable one on the internet. As this article is not about portable toilets that is why I am not going into detail. 

Camping bathroom tips for women

Clean execution is a problem for women. Here are some tips you may follow.

  • Reduce splashing by getting lower and moving your hips backward.
  • A small hole or a rock will result in even less splash.
  • In windy conditions, be careful not to angle sideways to the wind.
  • Assistive squats or other tricks can be chosen according to your level of ease. You may check the tricks on

Our recommendation is to invest in a Female Urination Device. The different styles are available for you to choose from. 

Camping Bathroom Tips for Children

As you can imagine, if you have two or three young children with you, you may have to dig catholes for each of them or trust that they can do so on their own. Rather than digging a cathole, we suggest digging a latrine. It is similar to digging a long cathole, dug at a depth of six inches and as long as necessary.

Each time they use it, they just have to cover the litter and toilet paper with dirt.

And in the end, as you have taken benefit of nature. Your job should be to take care to fill the latrine with dirt and organic leaves.

Campsite toilet regulations

  • Check your local laws – each state has different restrictions regarding where you are permitted to “go”. 
  • Prepare your gear – You will need toilet paper, baby wipes, poop bags, and hand sanitizer. Keep some biodegradable soap with you if you want to take a bath. 
  • Find a flat area at least 200 feet from any trail, water source, or campsite. 
  • Position yourself correctly – Make sure your pants and inner wears are out of the way. Avoid getting urine on your shoes or boots by spreading your legs wide and aiming downhill.


Choosing the best camping bathroom solution among all can make your camping more fun and clean. It’s beneficial to nature as well.

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